Оформление разрешений на работу. Деловой туризм. Паспортно-визовая поддержка иностранных компаний в России. Визы. Корпоративный туризм. Бизнес туризм.


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In 1997 young and creative personalities established Megapolis Consult to offer the best Customer service in business travel support. Good experience and education of our stuff allows us to live up to Western standards in our business and provide qualified consultations together with quick and professional service.
We help you and your business partners to receive Russian visas in time and to obtain Russian business visa invitation during shortest time period. Using our services and filling in our visa form you arrive in Russia on the planned day.
Our company provides you with necessary consultations based on updated and correct information. Megapolis Consult is real help in urgent and difficult cases. Bilingual personnel assist you in obtaining Russian visa in shortest period exactly when you need it.

Welcome to the world of corporative travel-service with unlimited possibilities!

“Megapolis Consult” offer you large quantity of services, concerned with organization of business trips for your employees and partners and also with receiving foreign guests.

During the last 14 years, business tourism is a main kind of activity of “Megapolis Consult”.

A lot of companies have been convinced in professionalism, reliability and high quality of our service for this period.

“Megapolis Consult” could be your guide in every spot on the globe.

Be ready please yourself with international standards of service!

Foundations of service:

  • Reliability, efficiency, flexibility and benevolence
  • Individual and effective assistance in difficult situations
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation in conformity with your corporative policy
  • High professionalism

Important advantages:
“Megapolis Consult” offer you additional possibilities:

  • Complex service
  • Standard application forms for all requests
  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • All ways of payment: cash payment, by credit cards, non-cash (by means of bank funds transfer)
  • Regular updated information about special proposals and changes in work of consulates
  • Free delivery of all documents at your office
  • Free consultations concerning any questions in the field of tourism
  • Deposit accounts
  • Organization of the “implant-office” at your personal manager-curator