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(25.03.2012)  In Macedonia without visa during 1 year

(25.03.2012)  Some tourists can visit Croatia without visas from 1 April

(12.03.2012)  In the Schengen area became the Principality of Liechtenstein.

(11.03.2012)  Some people can get U.S. visas without interview

(30.11.2011)  Pay attention! Information about the weekends and holidays in the embassies and the visa centers of foreign countries in the New Year period

(29.11.2011)  Federal Migration Service simplified the procedure of obtaining work permits for the citizens from visa-free countries

(29.11.2011)   Express visa applications for Sweden

(31.10.2011)  From 1 November Croatia returns to the visa regime

(27.09.2011)  Company Megapolis Consult congratulates you with World Tourism Day

(26.08.2011)  Type of invitations available effective September 1.

(13.07.2011)  the Netherlands Visa Service Centre in Moscow is moving to new location

(05.07.2011)  Summer holidays. Please plan your trips.

(19.05.2011)  One visa to Great Britain and Ireland

(04.05.2011)  Special offer on registration of work permits for highly qualified specialist (HQS)!

(23.03.2011)  Federal Law N 42-FZ, which amends the law on migration registration of foreign nationals and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation is signed by the president

(21.03.2011)  On March 16, 2011 on 291 th meeting of The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation adopted the bill On amendments to Federal Law On Migration Registration of Foreign Citizens

(21.02.2011)  From 1 march 2011 year Visa-free travel regime for Russian citizen to the Republic of Macedonia.

(18.02.2011)  Pay attention to work of embassies on holidays in March 2011

(14.02.2011)  Changes in the procedure of migration registration of foreign citizens in Russia since February 15, 2011 year.

(07.02.2011)  Official holidays in Russia in 2011 year. Weekend consulates, embassies and the visa centers in February 2011

(19.01.2011)  Visa-free travel regime for Russian citizen. At the beginning of 2011 year.

(18.01.2011)  If you are highly qualified specialist you need to know. Memo to the alien — highly qualified specialist:

(12.01.2011)  We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

(20.12.2010)  What is the business tourism? Something about business travel in Russia.

(06.12.2010)  The new visa regime between Russia and Chile comes from 18 January 2011.

(03.12.2010)  Please pay attention to this information: Weekend at the consulates.

(08.11.2010)  Newsletter about Russian Immigration Law

(27.09.2010)  World Tourism Day

(21.08.2010)  Tourists have chosen the best hotels in Moscow

(04.08.2010)  We would like to inform you, that "Federal Law from 19th of May 2010, N 86 FL, determine the legal status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation" entered into force.

(04.08.2010)  Refined changes in the process of migration notification of foreign citizens in connection with the federal law N86-FZ, signed on the 19th of May 2010.